The role of archivists is to complete the workflow chain within the newsroom, and ensure the valuable material generated by TRT Arabic is maintained for future reference and potential commercial gain. This unit works closely with media managers to ensure that material is swiftly and seamless transferred from an active newsroom environment firstly to a nearline library and then to deep storage where it can be easily and swiftly retrieved. The most qualified candidate from these applications will be offered the role of Unit Head.


  • To catalogue and archive media using standard metadata and TRT Arabic naming protocols to ensure instant retrieval for broadcast.
  • To provide a key service to journalists and newsroom staff in a breaking news environment.
  • To ensure a constant and reliable service, mapping TRT Arabic.


  • Previous experience of working in a newsroom, preferably in the environment of media management or archive.
  • An understanding of TV production and file-based workflows.
  • A team player with great communication skills and the ability to escalate editorial and technical problems quickly.
  • An enthusiasm for and knowledge of news and current affairs.
  • A good command of spoken and written English.
  • Native or Advanced in Arabic.
  • A proven ability to organize complicated workflows and ensure high levels of consistency in IT systems.